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NEWS Aldridge Vows Fight to Install Two More!  Judge Agrees Turbine A Nuisance
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This website is dedicated to:

Promoting transparency in government and protecting the citizens of Libertyville from the misuse of special use zoning permits that benefit special interests at the expense of the public.

Restoring the peace and tranquility of our homes by securing the removal and relocation of the Aldridge Electric Wind Turbine hastily erected in Libertyville under false representations.

Preventing a precedent from being established whereby residential homes located near office or other light commercial zones can be subjected to continuous and unusual Wind Turbine noise without advance professional studies, appropriate standards and sufficient due process.

Informing citizens and public officials in Libertyville, Lake County Illinois and around the country who are facing problems stemming from the government-incented Wind Turbine invasion.

Our cause is not unique - what happened to us can happen to you!

What happened in Libertyville is happening around the country. Citizens in DeKalb, Illinois, Ubly Michigan and Roxbury, Maine are now dealing with Wind Turbine noise and fighting for due process! Induced by up to 40% government stimulus payouts, and regardless of real cost-benefit, businesses are pushing and litigating for the installation of wind turbines wherever they find local officals vulnerable to jumping on the bandwagons of economic stimulus or alternative energy.
(See News).

The difficult lesson is be diligent and do your homework prior to Wind Turbine installation! You cannot necessarily rely on your elected officials to protect your homes. You cannot rely on Wind Turbine manufacturers to provide accurate noise and performance data. You cannot rely on Wind Turbine owners and contractors to do what is in the best interests of nearby property owners.

Once a Wind Turbine is installed, it will take of money out of your pocket to obtain relief!